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PHP Training Institute in jaipur

Learn How to make dynamic PHP website by training on php course in jaipur by certified PHP trainer.Our step by step skill developing sessions taught better programming concepts to students in our LIVE project php training course.Here we designed PHP course in such a way it meets to IT industry requirments with best PHP-MySQL connection integrity. To develop you as a PHP programer we follow best practices in PHP development training by building short example and practical hands-on web logics. We also provide php demo classes to trainees.Students work on multiple Live Projects over here to build there confidence on php scripting.

In our Coaching Institute we also include PHP CMS like Joomla , Wordpress and Magento which are getting popular in web market of jaipur.Not only php cms we also give workshops on PHP Zend framework and Cake PHP so that students understands the MVC Architecture of web development.Also Learn how to use HTML 5 and CSS in Web Designing.Dzone is the oldest Institute in jaipur providing PHP website development ,PHP Scripts for different modules and training classes in jaipur. So let's grooming your technical skills by getting software training from experienced Php MySQL consultant.

Learn PHP Training with Advance Contents

  • A Start with HTML Basics

    Learn How to Design a web page through HTML Tags.Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) is back bone of any Web Application.Here you comes to know that how we can format our text matter like Font, its size and color.How to manage list and paragraph through <UL> and <P> tags. Manging media,images and tables etc.

  • CSS

    Better Designing , graphics and formatting comes with Cascading Style Sheets.CSS can be created external,internal or inline to decorate a Web Page. Responsive themes and creative design can only be done with CSS.

  • How to write external CSS
  • Web Designing Concepts
  • Managing div through CSS Classes
  • Nested CSS
  • Introduction to Boot Strap Framework
  • PHP Editor Dreamweaver
  • Xampp and apache Installation
  • Connection between HTML and PHP

  • PHP language building blocks
  • The Server root folder htdocs
  • Communicating with localhost at other ports
  • Defining variables and data types
  • Receiving data by $_GET,$_POST and $_REQUEST
  • Data Validation
  • Learn How to write PHP scripts
  • Data Transfer B/W Pages
  • Embedding Server side Script in HTML Pages
  • Merging Both HTML & PHP in Single Unit
  • Improve your Programming skills

  • Introduction to Conditional Statements
  • What is Looping
  • For Loop & While Loop
  • Tricky Method to Post data
  • Login Screen Concepts
  • PHP Dynamic table generation
  • Web Navigation through PHP header
  • Embed PHP scripts in HTML pages to create dynamic Web pages
  • Data Handling through PHP Arrays

  • Handling Arrays
  • PHP Flexibility in Arrays
  • Handling POST Array
  • How to Sending Array through Form
  • PHP Array Functions
  • Traversing through Collection
  • Fun with PHP Functions

  • Maths Function
  • String Handling
  • Creating your own Functions
  • Handling Global data in functions
  • Passing value & Refrence variables in php functions
  • PHP state management

  • What is Session
  • Session Handling
  • PHP include,include_once,require and require_once methods
  • Implementing Temproary storage
  • Get Knowledge of Handling array in sessions
  • State Management of Array using Session
  • Shopping Cart Demo
  • How to do Auto Redirection
  • Calling Dynamic page through Include
  • How to use COOOKIES
  • PHP File Handling
  • Preserve Data in Input Tags
  • Implementing PHP Object Oriented Programming

  • What is OOPs
  • Introduction to Classes & Objects
  • Scope of public and private modifiers
  • Polymorphism,Aggregation
  • Inheritance
  • Upload file to PHP Web Server
  • File Downloading
  • Include Dynamic files and Classes
  • Network Programming using PHPs
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Sending Email
  • What is xml
  • How to read XML document
  • Handling Images in Binary Format
  • Expert Coaching on MySQL Database

  • How to connect with MYSQL database & Tables and filter data through SQL Qureies
  • Insertion, Updation and Deletion through Form
  • Learn How to search in mysql query
  • How to Apply PHP security by MySQL Login
  • Getting Data in Tabular Format
  • Managing Select tag state on Refresh
  • Getting Dynamic results on Event
  • Advance SQL Search
  • Learn MySQL Query with Table JOINS and UNIONS
  • Handling MySQL Operators and where clauses
  • DHTML Menu
  • How PHP embed Java Script

  • What is Java Script
  • Java Script Document Object
  • Accessing Form Objects
  • Programming with JavaScript Arrays
  • Validating Forms through Java Script
  • Controling CSS through JavaScript at run time
  • PHP-AJAX Communcation

  • Check ID Availability using AJAX
  • AJAX handling HttpRequest and Response
  • Database Interaction using AJAX
  • A Step to Advance Scripting

  • Paging through Database
  • Handling Stored Procedures
  • What is SQL Injection
  • How to prevent SQL Injection
  • How to Play Video files
  • Play MP3 files
  • Connectivty with Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to XML Document
  • How PHP call Web Services

MVC Codeigniter Framework Course Contents

  • Codeigniter Folder Structure
  • Creating Controllers
  • Designing Viwes
  • Implementing Database Model
  • How MVC Controllers Works
  • Data Flow Concept
  • routing
  • Apply Validation Rules in Codeigniter
  • Managing Sessions
  • Data Transfer between controller to view
  • Accessing Database
  • Storing data in MySQL
  • Insert,Update and Delete operation on Database
  • performing Complete Data Crud Cycle
  • Creating Codeigniter Login Screen
  • List of Data
  • making Editing Form
  • Updating Data
  • Use Update Query From Zend Framework
  • Deleteing data
  • Creating Template

CAKE PHP Framework with examples

  • Understanding MVC Architecture by making CakePHP App.
  • Learn writing Controllers and views using Models
  • data communication between them
  • Passing data php controllers to PHP View page
  • Listing data in grid format
  • Sending parameters from view to controller
  • How to Change Web Design of Layout
  • Learn cakephp Theme Creation
  • Creating cakePHP Actions
  • Database Interaction in CakePHP MVC using Models & MySQL.
  • Registering data by helper classes
  • Database Edit and delete Operations using cakephp helper classes
  • Complete crud cycle using MVC framework Concepts
  • generating Auto Code

Wordpress CMS Classes

  • Improve your CMS skill & knowledge by Developing Wordpress Plugin and wordpress theme
  • Creating Pages and Managing Post
  • Access Database with custom functions
  • Developing your own Form to interact with database
  • Create Wordpress plugin to receive Product Listing
  • Auto Insertion of Short Codes
  • Adding Plugin in Page & Post Templates
  • Showing Plugin Menu in Admin Panel
  • Wordpress Hooks and Theme Development
  • Design your own Wordpress Theme

Introduction of How to e-Commerce by Magento CMS

  • Working With Magento
  • Category Generation
  • Adding and Updating Products in Magento Panel
  • Showing Products on Magento Home Page
  • stock management
  • Managing Indexing and Caching
  • Magento Shipping Module
  • Working experience of LIVE Projects in Development Company at the time of training

Short Training Batches

We deliver PHP classes in very short batches of students having maximum strength of 5.we also arrange Weekend Training of PHP for professional and corporate candidates.

Classroom Training

We taught PHP through 100% practical orientation program covering all web fundamentals. Our instructor-led industrial training course will teach all the basics of PHP relevant to Web Application Development and promote your development skills by our PHP tutorials designed by our certified Instructors.

Training Assignment & Exams

After each class lecture practical exercises are given based on live PHP examples. So throughout the curriculum students gets opportunity to apply their newly learned PHP skills on practical sessions and get answers of all PHP questions and problems during project implementation. Extensive treatment will be given to each student to enhance his PHP skills.

PHP Certification & Placement

After finishing PHP Web Application Project and completion of review each PHP students awarded by PHP Certification by DZONE (PHP Training Zone).Interview will be conducted in software companies for placement by HR Consultant team in jaipur.

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