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Best React Native Training in Jaipur , Mobile App Development Course

Let’s begin with a mobile app development course that is faster to build, easier to use, and offers the best quality of hybrid apps. It is a sub-structure of javascript. If you are captivated to build your own native app then this programming language is a blooming blossom for you. Dzone is a platform of education and we ensure to give you quality education with practical knowledge and skills that help you to take up your career and to fulfill the future demand of the IT Sector.

What is React Native?

This programming language was established by Facebook which was further used to evolve mobile applications through javascript and react. This programming language is being a point of attraction due to the uniqueness of its features. It is suggested and accepted by various developers and business organizations like Uber, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more.

Admission Detail

  • Certificate : Master in React Native
  • Duration : 2 to 3 Month
  • Course Fee : Click to Get Fee Details
  • Eligibility : 10th Standard Pass
  • Pre-requisites : Basic knowledge of Internet
  • Instructor : Hemant Saxena
  • Faculty Experience in IT : 21 Years
  • Experience in React Native : 3 Years
  • Mode of Training: Online / Offline both
  • Class Hours : 1 Hour (Mon to Fri) Class / 2 Hour Practice Session
React Native New Batches Started On
Every Tuesday
Online / Classroom

Classroom followed by Assignments, Projects and Real Time Task

Here’s, Ideal plan to build your career by massive practical exposure on the diverse website with component-based coding. Allow your brain to learn the principal concepts like redux, JavaScript ES6, Rendering, React JSX, MySQL.

100% JOB Guidance

We are helping to know every step of your career growth by your skills improvement, interview composing, resume structure at an institution level.

React Native Certifications

After completion of course and exam students will be awarded by React Native Full Stack Developer Certificate
  • Globally accepted certificate
  • Experience Certificate of participation in React Project
  • DZone Certified App Developer
  • Become JOB Ready

React Native Mobile App Development training

React Native Trainer Profile

Our Trainer has huge experience of IT Industry Software/Appliaction Development, they respect the ideas and curiosity of students and support them to implement their code.

  • Trainer name : Hemant Saxena
  • Qualification : B.E.
  • Experience : 23 years in IT Field
  • Provide In-depth Practical Exposure
  • Expert in his subject

Afternath of Training

  • Students are eligible to make an android app and ready for a job after completing their final project and skill assessment exams.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of ES6 and vanilla javascript
  • Able to access any technology with React
  • Able to construct apps for both android and ios
  • Perfect for building cross-platform app development
  • This programming language provides premade solutions and libraries which increases efficiency.
  • Provide personalized career guidance and support

    There are advisers who always look at your performance and also clear all your doubts and provide answers to each and every question regarding the lectures. We convey knowledge by providing logical and reliable examples of and they also clear your basic concepts and help you to become a professional developer.

    Full-fledged knowledge of Mobile App Development

    Learn Hybrid App development at DZone, Jaipur

    This programming language comes out from scratch and undergoes numerous technologies like HTML, CSS, Redux, JSX, javascript ES6, Vanilla javascript, rendering, designing the component layout, etc.

    • This course begins with the basics consisting of Props, state, and events.
    • Training lays attention on reusable components to make your project opportune.
    • Training makes an in-depth dive in javascript using JSX
    • In this course, we also cover Javascript, ES6 new pattern which is extremely used in this programming language.
    • The course will help you to get the hang of splitting complex components into smaller sub-units.
    • Learn to differentiate between props and events and where to use it
    • Novelty is considered as the main aspect while creating your own native app
    • After training, you will be able to create apps for both android and ios
    • Our course is designed in such a frame or context that it will elaborate the concept and execute in a proper manner for core learning

    Course Eligibility and Prerequisites

    There are no compulsory prerequisites you need to fulfill in order to learn mobile app development. If you worked with react before, you already know about the concepts and that will help you quite a lot. If you are a newcomer to this language then no need to worry you are still eligible to learn this language.

    Pocket-friendly learning

    Economic course fee
    We are mentoring our students to build their own hybrid apps at economical prices. we allow them time duration of 15 days to clear your fees amounts.

    React Native Modules

    React Native Training in Jaipur React Native Overview
    • What is React Native?
    • Why i learn React Native?
    • How react help to build my career
    web designing Training in Jaipur Introduction to Web
    • Make your own web page in HTML
    • Apply some styles via CSS
    • External CSS
    • Make it Responsive and mobile friendly
    Javscript Institute in Jaipur Javascript Programming
    • Learn how to make webpage live and sensible via Javascript
    • Validate user inputs
    • Implement Javascript to apply dynamic CSS
    • Some Animation
    • Access to DOM Elements
    React Native Training in Jaipur Javascript ES6
    • Introduction to ES6
    • Arrow function
    • Destructuring
    • javascript interface
    style apps Styling Apps
    • Creating React Native Style
    • Using Flexbox
    • Design your Component with style
    • External JS Style
    • Importing external styles in App.js
    Use of JSX in react React JSX
    • New way of writing Native Code in react
    • Easily embed Javascript in Tags
    • Understanding th utility of JSX
    React Native training in Jaipur Designing Component Layout
    • More on Flexbox
    • Applying Images in React Component
    • Styling Buttons
    • Linking
    React Native course Installation
    • React Native Environment Setup
    • Emulator Creation
    • Connectivity to Native / Physical Devices
    react component Structure & Component
    • understanding directory structure and component
    React JS Training in Jaipur Props and State
    here we will play with props and state to maintain data interaction with react components
    React JS Training in Jaipur Navigation
    • tab Navigation
    • passing props
    • Moving Between Screens
    React JS Training in Jaipur Redux

    For better management and updation of state in react we also work with redux state container.

    React JS Training in Jaipur My SQL
    • Table Creation
    • MySQL Views
    • Select Query
    React Native Training in Jaipur Rendering

    • Touchables
    • Animation
    • Picker Component

    React Native Training in Jaipur Firebase Integration

    • Creating Firebase Project
    • Confugring React Native App
    • Login Screens
    • Writing and reading data from Firebase

    Course Contents

      React Native Overview

    • What is React Native?
    • Need of React Native
    • React Setup Installation
    • Best IDE for React Native
    • Create your first app by create-react-app
    • Understanding React App Structure
    • Run your first app
    • React Single Page Apps VS Multi-Page Applications
    • What is a React DOM
    • Difference between React Native and React JS
    • Benefits of React Native over traditional App Development

      JSX role in react

    • JSX rules
    • Difference between JS and JSX
    • How to Handle Conditional statement in JSX?
    • How to insert expressions in JSX?

      Components in react

    • React Components overview
    • Containers and components
    • Difference between functional components and container components
    • Child or Nested Components in React
    • Creating Function components.
    • Develop Class Component
    • Reusable components
    • Component Nesting
    • Stateful Components
    • Stateless Components
    • Conditional Rendering
    • React Pure Component
    • Understanding this
    • context issues with 'this'
    • Communicating child to parent.

      Introduction to Web

    • Introduction to www
    • WebPage Creation
    • HTML
    • Essential HTML Tags, Attributes
    • Tables, Form Elements
    • Web Layout Management
    • Applying Styles
    • CSS

      Props in Component

    • What are props? An Overview.
    • Passing Props to components
    • Receiving props inside the components
    • Passing arrays in props
    • Props validation with data types
    • Sending array in props

      States in React Component

    • Understanding and using state
    • Handling Events
    • Differences between props and state
    • Initialize states
    • Modifying the state with setState() method
    • onBlur, onKeyUp, onChange and other useful primary events in ReactJS

      Styling Apps

    • Creating React Native Style
    • Using Flexbox
    • Design your Component with styles
    • External JS Style
    • Importing external styles in App.js

      Apply Styles to React Component

    • How to write Styles in Rect
    • Creating Styled Component
    • CSS and inline styles in ReactJS UI
    • External styles to the components.
    • Styling a nav-bar in ReactJS.


    • Navigation setup
    • Moving Between Screens.
    • Passing Props
    • Drawer Navigation
    • Tab Navigation


    • Rendering Data in ListView
    • Styling List
    • Touchables. 
    • Animation.
    • Picker Component
    • React Switch
    • Status Bar

      Installation / Setup Environment

    • React Native Environment Setup.
    • Android Studio and React Native CLI Installation.
    • Emulator Creation
    • Connetivity to Native / Physical Devices.
    • Making Hello Word App

      Understanding Directory Structure and Component

    • Project Directory
    • Understanding Data Flow
    • What are React Native Component
    • Creating a React Component
    • Component Registration
    • Know How to Implement Component
    • What is JSX
    • Destructuring Imports

      React Redux

    • Redux Overview...
    • Introduction to Redux
    • Redux v/s complexity of managing state
    • Understanding the working of Redux
    • Concept of store
    • Adding Redux to the React Project and Redux Devtools
    • use of provider
    • Setting Up the Reducer and the Store
    • Dispatching the Actions.
    • Adding Subscriptions.
    • Connecting React to Redux.
    • Connecting the store to react
    • Dispatching the Actions from within the Component
    • Passing and Retrieving Data with Actions
    • Updating the State
    • Combining multiple Reducers.

      Firebase Integration

    • Creating Firebase Project
    • Confugring React Native App
    • Firebase Authentication
    • Login Screens
    • Writing and reading data from Firebase


    • Database Fundamentals
    • Table Creation
    • Create, Insert, Update, Delete Query
    • Select Query
    • MySQL Where Clause
    • Accessing, Sorting and filtering data
    • MySQL Views

      Handling HTTP Server Reaquest

    • HTTP Fetch Method
    • Sending Fetch Request
    • Receiving Fetch Data
    • UI Rendering

      Javascript ES6

    • Introduction to ES6
    • Arrow Function
    • Passing parameter
    • Destructuring
    • Classes
    • javascript Inheritance

    Lets take a look on our student Reviews

          I have got tremendous training from dzone, Jaipur. Their institute is really good. The mentor is well experienced

    Akansha Singh - Student

           I have just enrolled to learn React mobile app development, but I have benefitted much more. I pic out CSS and animation, now I have broadened my understanding in javascript and I also used these skills in my normal projects.

    Shruti - Developer

          Though I had a little bit of knowledge about this course, this training helped me to learn react coding in a structured way. Thanks to our mentor who really coordinate with us and make things simpler to learn.

    Samiksha - web designer

         This was an amazing experience learning with the mentor. The course is designed in such a format that it is easily learnable and was very clear and informative.

    Sakshi - Web developer

         A great course that goes well in-depth into react and explains the concepts very well. I would recommend this course to everyone.

    Rahul - IT Student

         A fully-fledged course about React native. The content provided in a well-structured format and learning experience with the mentor is great.

    Dipali - Priyanshu

         After admission i found that dzone is the best place to learn react . They have an amazing trainer. Their skills helped me with my live projects and get placed.

    Puneet Saraswat - MCA Student

         I want to make fast and Dynamic single web page Application and for that DZone help me lot, Thanks to hemant Sir.

    Ayush - Entrepreneur

    Take a look on our students Reviews

    Plus Points Of This Mobile App Development Course

    • With this programming language, we can make a hybrid app that is used for both android and IOS.
    • Help to evolve mobile app development
    • It is a beneficial and cost-effective method to build a career
    • Require less time to learn results in high-paying jobs
    • This programming language provides a marvelous opportunity for new start-up businesses
    • Easily-learnable: this language is easy to learn if you come from the background of HTML and javascript. You will be able to grasp this programming language in a short span of time.
    • Doesn’t need a huge amount of money to learn this programming language compared to the other courses available out there
    • Broadens your reach to the mobile world

    Immense Growth in React native

    In the last few years, the IT industry has shown tremendous growth. The demand for React Native developers increasing rapidly. The creators need a platform that can speed up the development process. This framework helps to create unique applications for both IOS and Android. We have to show how it can help the creator’s community and why it is the future of mobile app development.

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