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Programming with Python

Dzone is the most incredible Training Institute of Python and provides you easy learning and advance syllabus.In IT Industry demand of Python Professional as Data Analytics increasing day by day.So update your knowledge and skill in Python Language with DZONE Training Institute where classes taken by experienced Instructor and Faculties. Each Lesson equipped with practical examples helps to clear your doubts and questions.

Python Language

As Python is an open source software and can be installed on any platform like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It's a High level Programming Language and optimizes for lesser lines of code which increase the readability of programming script. Python also support object oriented programming and also it has automatic memory management and dynamic type of system with a large comprehensive library to support developers. This language provides constructs both for small and large scale softwares.

Why to Learn Python

Python is now widely adaptable language in global IT World. It can be easily integrated with JAVA , .NET and other programming languages. To study in deatil in click on Why to learn Python ?

  • Easy to learn
  • Simple and Short code
  • Modular programming

What You Will Learn

  • Basic and Advance Concept of Python
  • Create and use of Modules
  • Python Object Oriented Approach
  • Working with Multiple Data Collection Objects
  • Threading and Exception handling etc.


  • Prior Knowledge of any programming like C-Language
  • Basic Computer Operations

Training for Beginners

Our hands-on training program is best for Python beginners and who are new to code. All lectures are 100% practical and described by trainer.We Teach you from the basics of programming

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Why our Training Division is best for Python Course

  • Experienced Instructor
  • 40 Hours Learning Time including Real Time Work
  • Practice on Real Time Solutions
  • Training span one Month (Easy Step By Step Pattern)
  • All Practical Sessions by clearing yors doubts
  • Expert Guidance as per IT Industry
  • Digital Notes / Study Material

Course Contents/Syllabus

Course is designed as per need of software industry.


  • Introduction to Python
  • A Brief History of Python
  • Installing Python
  • Using IDLE Environment
  • Make a 'Hello World' program
  • File .py extention

How to Code

  • Variable Declration
  • Python single & Multiline Statements
  • Understanding print function
  • Making Comments
  • Getting User Input
  • Calculating Expressions
  • Python Indentation
  • Data Types

Conditional Statements

  • If-else blocks
  • Understanding Indents
  • Nested if-else


  • Itration with for loop
  • While
  • Nested loops
  • Break
  • Continuee
  • Pass
  • Python Operators

Working With String

  • String Indexing
  • Slicing
  • Single and Triple-quoted string
  • Using raw String
  • Slicing and Range
  • String Functions

Functions in Python

  • Defining Function Body
  • Calling Functions
  • Built-in functions
  • What are Function Arguments
  • Binding default values
  • Void functions
  • Scope
  • Lambda
  • Closures


  • List
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Sets
  • Binding default values
  • Void functions
  • Scope
  • Lambda
  • Closures


  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Short Hand Assignment Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Identity Operators


  • Creating your own thread
  • Start the thread
  • Implementing Multiple threads


  • What is a module
  • Creatinga Module
  • Setting Module Path
  • Implementing import
  • Module Search Path
  • From … Import
  • using Math , os and sys module

Learn Exception Handling

  • What are Exception and Run Time Errors
  • Need of Exception Handling
  • Predefined Exceptions
  • Predefined Exceptions Hierarchy
  • Except, try, finally clause
  • Handling Multiple Exceptions
  • User defined Exceptions
  • Raise statements
  • Assert

Working with Files

  • Introduction
  • Writing Data to a File
  • Reading From a File
  • Built-in File Methods

Classes and Objects in Python

  • Introduction
  • Creating Classes
  • Instance Methods
  • Data Hiding
  • Special class method
  • Inheritance
  • Method Overriding
  • Encapsulation

Regular Expressions

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Match function
  • Search Functions
  • Grouping
  • Matching at Beginning or End

Socket programming

  • What are sockets
  • Creating sockets
  • Server-client socket methods
  • Connecting client server
  • Managing Client-server Connection

Web Scrapping

  • Connection to Remote Website
  • fetching data
  • Extracting HTML Contents

Database Connections

  • Connection to Core data
  • Implementing SQl Queries
  • MySQL Connection
  • Data Operations

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