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ASP .NET Training with C# (C-Sharp) & MVC Framework

.NET Traning

Learn How to Develop ASP .NET Web Application by expert Instructor starting from scratch.We started from basics of HTML,CSS and Java Script and take upto Advance course content like MVC .NET ,WCF , LINQ etc.Our unique teaching pattern improves students skills and development logics required in IT Industry.We deliver In-depth knowledge of Microsoft framework through our practical workshops , LIVE Projects and training classes.

Console Application with Core C #

In this module you learn how to work on Core C# with Object Oriented Structure at Console prompt.The basic C# programming and OOP's with some new features like delegates, partial classes and namespaces will described in this session.

  • Introduction of .NET
  • CLR
  • Just In time Compiler
  • Assembly Concepts
  • Syntax and DataType Reference
  • Classes and Objects
  • Property Development
  • Access Modifier
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract and Seald Classes
  • Interface
  • How to crete Namespaces
  • Partial Classes
  • Collection Classes
  • Boxing and UnBoxing
  • Delegate in .NET
  • File handling
  • Windows Forms
  • Web Pages

How to work in VB .NET Environment

As we know Microsoft .NET Framework provide Common Language Runtime ( CLR ) to execute .NET Programs.It also come with common type system (CTS ) and common Language Specification (CLS) both Languages. So We should have some knowledge of VB .NET programming patterns.

  • Introduction
  • DataTypes
  • Variable Declaration and Instance
  • Conditional Statements
  • Looping
  • Procedure
  • Function
  • Array Handling
  • Working with Classes and Objects
  • Windows Forms
  • Web Pages

Website Designing

Little bit knowledge of Website designing using HTML and CSS in beneficial for us to manage our website adequately with good presentation. In this ASP.NET course module we learn how to design a HTML Web page integrating Cascading Style Sheets.

  • Web Page using HTML
  • Deramweaver
  • Using DIV
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Applying CSS on Web
  • Inline & External CSS
  • Generating Rich Effects by CSS

Java Script

Dynamic presentation and Object handling through JAVA Script at client side increase the Quality response ,speed ,performance and theme optimization in a better way.Learn How to manage form objects,apply client side validation and how to change CSS at run time.

  • Client Side Scripting features
  • Javascript
  • variable
  • User Functions
  • JavaScript DOM
  • Accessing Form Object
  • Timer
  • Apply Validation Scripts
  • Change Image Frquently
  • JavaScript Events

Asp .NET Web Development

Here you will learn how to work in Visual Studio IDE with there drag & drop environment and Graphical user interface.As Intellisense of visual studio give great functionalty to web developers by giving quick help of Framework libraries and function of ASP.NET Technology.This .NET course provides an exhaustive coverage of C# .NET programming language features like Sessions,Cookies,Object-oriented Programming, Classes ,ADO .NET features of essential Web Development. Improve your .NET skills with in-depth knowledge by hands-on exercises in Lab Sessions.All Basic and Dynmic Server side script either it is related to web configuraton or deployment of web application on IIS Server has been covered in this ASP module.We fulfill all essential objectives regarding interview and JOB during classroom training. So after this coaching you can handle real time projects of software companies in IT sector.

  • Managing IIS (Internet Information Server)
  • Data transfer Between Server and Client
  • Dynamic use of get Method
  • Navigation from html to HTML Controls
  • Concepts of PostBack in Asp .NET
  • Previous Page Controls Concepts
  • State management through View State
  • Dynamic Event Merging
  • Data Binding Concepts
  • Rich Server Controls
  • Dynamic Creation of Controls
  • Dynamic Event Handling
  • Validating Page through Validation Controls
  • Separate Block of Validation
  • Understanding Classes
  • Generating and Consuming DLL
  • How to design Web user Control
  • Generating Property within Classes
  • Handling of Child Control in Parent
  • XML Concept
  • How to use XSLT
  • Using Master Pages
  • Master Page Nesting
  • Applying Navigation Controls , menu, TreeView
  • Giving Sitemap
  • Themes
  • Error Handling in Web Pages
  • Cookies Handling
  • Implementing Sessions
  • Caching
  • Partial Caching
  • Web Security
  • Login Controls
  • DB Operation by Ado.NET
  • DataProvider
  • Connected Mode Architecture
  • Create , Insertion, Updation in Tables
  • Parameterize Queries
  • Binding Controls to database
  • Working in DisConnected Mode Architecture
  • Using DataTemplates
  • Using Multiple tables
  • Implementing Joins and Views
  • Implementing Stored Procedures
  • DataControls
  • Managing Master Child relationship in DataControls
  • Providing Navigation Facility Within Grid
  • Key Field Editing in Grid
  • Paging in GridView
  • Formatting GridView
  • Form View and Detail View Control

SQL Server database Interaction

  • making DB
  • make Table
  • Drop Statements
  • Alter table
  • Giving Constraints
  • Select Statements
  • Insert ,Update and Delete Statements
  • SubQuery
  • Using Where Clauses
  • using Like , Between ,In , Null Operators
  • Generating Views
  • Stored Procedure
  • Function
  • Transactions
  • Triggers
  • Inner & Outer Joins
  • Data Integrity
  • Making Relationship

Advance .NET Training

Advance .NET module is designed to integrate some extra tools and technology to your existing ASP skills like LINQ , Multi Tier Architecture,MVC .NET Framework , WCF and Web Services.

  • Security using Database
  • Web Services
  • Consuming Web Services
  • AJAX
    • Concept of Asyncronus Method
    • Ajax by Implementing JavaScript
    • Understanding Ajax Script Process
    • Database Interaction with AJAX
    • Unique Identity through AJAX
    • AJAX by Update Panel
    • Ajax Script manager
  • Crystal Reports
    • Add Crystal Reports
    • Accesss Reports through Web
    • Grouping and Aggrgation Formulas
    • Aplying Run time query in Reports
  • Generating Web Assembly and Deployment
  • Web Hosting
  • Remote Server Management

Working with WCF & WPF

  • WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
  • Define WCF Service Contract
  • Implement WCF Contract
  • Host WCf Service
  • Create EndPoints
  • Create & Configure WCF Client
  • Use WCF Client
  • Security

Learn Rich Internet Application (RIA)

  • LINQ
  • LINQ to SQL
  • MVC .NET
  • Two Tier Architecture
  • Microsoft .NET Training at Developer Level (.NET Expert)

    Now make your .NET fundamentals more strong and Leverage yourself for advance programming concepts by customizing tools and scripts. Mapping object and relational data using Entity Framework and work with our elite team of experts.

Software Developer Essentials

  • Working with .NET Generic Classes
  • List Collection
  • Adjoining SQLCommand with SQL Data Procedures
  • Building .NET Custom Control
  • Adding your Own Controls in Toolbar
  • Implementing URL Re-Writing in C# Dot Net

Client Side Interaction (Advance Java Script)

  • Managing Runtime CSS
  • Rich Java Script Animation
  • Menu Through Java Script
  • Applying JavaScript on Server Controls
  • Implementing Runtime JavaScript by Server Side Programming
  • Integrating java Script with DataBase

SILVER LIGHT Integration with Dot NET

  • SILVER LIGHT Application
  • Silver Light Animation
  • .NET Integration with Silverlight
  • Event handling in SilverLight
  • Creating Event Trigger
  • Understanding Layout
  • SilverLight Integration in .NET

HTTP Power Sessions

  • Sending Email by Domain Account
  • Sending Email by GMAIL Account
  • Implementing Web Service on Html Page
  • Convert XML Doc in data Tables

ADO .NET & SQL N - Tier Architecture

  • Development in .NET Multi Tier Architecture
  • Database and Business Component Classes
  • Implementing DAL and BAL in .NET Framework
  • Implementing Static and Non Static Methods of DB Layer
  • Dynamic Binding of DataControls through DAL and BAL
  • Using Microsoft Business Component
  • Developing N-Tier using XSD

Microsoft .NET Developer - The Data Guru

  • Working With DataView class
  • DataTable Class
  • Relationship on DataSet
  • Using Transaction
  • Giving Insertion facility in GridView
  • Using DropDown in Default Mode of .NET Grid-View
  • Drop Down Event Handling in Grid-View
  • Hierchical Grid Operation
  • Understanding Template Structure in GridViews
  • Traversing in GridData
  • Editing in GridView by Manual Code
  • Updation in GridV. by Manual Code
  • Deletion in GridV. by Manual Code
  • Passing data to Session within GridV.
  • Providing Manual Sorting in GridView
  • dynamic Indexing in GridView
  • Defining unbound Grid from SQL
  • Giving Editing , Updation facility in .NET UnboundGrid
  • Giving deleting facility in UnboundGrid
  • Transferring data of unbound grid to Database
  • Showing Product catalog in DataList
  • Binding Images in Grid Using Database

.NET Leadership Skills

  • Enabling DB for Caching
  • SQL Cache
  • Globalization and Localization in .NET
  • Generating XML Doc
  • RSS Feed
  • Consuming RSS Services
  • Advance Search Concepts
  • Traversing in grid
  • Playing with Binary data in .NET and SQL
  • Storing Images in DataBase
  • Retrieving Images Through DB

In-Depth .NET Knowledge

  • Password Detection through Image Scanning
  • Develop Chat Application
  • Using Microsoft Excel Sheets in .NET
  • Interacting with Excel Sheet
  • Image Generation through .NET using XML as Data Source
  • SQL Full Text Search
  • Giving manual Paging facility in DataList
  • Event Bubbling in GridView
  • Language Interoperability in VB .NET and C#(Bi language Communication)
  • Binding Images in grid without database
  • Applying Data Filters in Grid
  • Binding Images in Grid Form Binary format
  • Multi Language Application

Pre-requisites of the ASP.NET Training Course

  • You should aware with Basic C Language Programming
  • Have Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming structure
  • should know HTML web forms
  • computer basic skills
  • internet friendly

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