• PHP Beginners ! Learn PHP by Hello World program at DZONE Training Institute.
  • Get Knowledge of Server Side Script by simple PHP examples.This PHP Tutorial dedicated to beginners.

Simple PHP Example

Get Start Your First PHP Program

PHP Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.Its a dynamic script to generate server side secure pages.PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) language is used to develop dynamic web pages.PHP prerequisite is you should aware with basic C programming language.

All dynamic code is written in php script which is enclosed in <?php ?> block. this Web page must be save with .php extension. You can print any message through echo or print command between PHP script.

Learn by First PHP Code


echo "My first PHP Page!";


As you go forward in PHP lesson step by step you find it avery easy tool to develop dynamic server side web page with less efforts and tools. Code explanation and instruction are so easy in PHP manual.It accomplish easy data tranaction between browser and web server.fast acces through MySQL database. Powerful implementation of session and cookies put developer in comfort zone.Flexible Array compatible data types removed several overhads from programmers.

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