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  • Best Software Training Center for Web Design courses , PHP Training , SEO Marketing Course , Microsoft DOT NET Certification Classes, Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Web Designing. Unique Study pattern of Short/Long Term Web Design courses and Teaching by Qualified Instructor and penetrated eye on your skill Development help you to pass in any IT exam with better marks.
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PHP , .NET & SEO Training

.Net & PHP

Get Certified in Microsoft DOT NET Framework , PHP , Wordpress , CakePHP , SEO & online marketing .Learn latest pattern of web designing to create SEO friendly website to promote your business and get higher ROI by expert business marketing. Achieve in depth knowledge of software and integrated solutions with both VB.NET as well as C Sharp .NET (C#) programming and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) scripting languages including Digital Marketing (SEO).Here we follow interactive way to learn and optimize Microsoft Application on Visual Studio IDE & Apache for PHP/MySQL like XAMPP or WAMP Web Server. Responsive Web Design, Interactive web template, expert server programming and perfect SEO strategy are key areas of successful business. We deliver all classes & Training under single roof.

Learn ASP .NET course and certification by best exam preparation and guidance with more and more practice on Web Design & typical dot NET technology tools like MVC .NET (Model View Controller), LINQ and SILVERLIGHT. Every student go through Search Engine friendly on page & Off Page optimization during Digital Marketing web promotion course. Intensive practice with multiple logical question and practical test based on basic programming concepts of CLR and .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) .Customize teaching with ADO .NET , Web Services using WCF is our strength.Latest course contents Live Projects are also deployed on IIS web server at our web hosting panel by trainees which followed by our SEO team for Business Promotion.


Internet Marketing,SEM,SMO

We also make students perfect in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) & MySQL and getting prime page rank on Google Ad Word for business promotion by professional training workshops.Basic prior knowledge of C & C++ is required to learn PHP.Integration of Server Scripting with HTML, CSS, JavaScript,xml and jQuery make your webpages more smart and secure.Our Course Objective is develop Hypertext Preprocessor projects and deployed it on Apache web server at our LINUX panel by candidates. PHP course include Core web designing, JavaScript , AJAX and JSON. We teach from scratch to developed programming skills. During PHP Coaching each person also interact with CMS like JOOMLA and WORDPRESS open source tools and creating wordpress plugins and themes.PHP framework like ZEND and CAKEPHP also covered which are based on MVC. Core configuration of PHP.ini files and httpd settings in Apache are also described.IT Training integrates HTML 5,CSS integration and CMS like Wordpress ,Drupal and Magento e-commerce tools.

Industrial & Summer Trainig

Business Promotion through SEO
Google AdWord,AdSense Campagain

DZONE at jaipur gives the training of Search Engine Optimization by Professionals to prepare experts in SEO. DZONE Institute Provide SEO on Dynamic .NET and innovated PHP interactive solutions through website design and web application content writing.Our Course include How to do SMO , SEM ,optimize web Architecture with digital marketing aspects.So get certified by DZone as a SEO Professional.Learn Best Marketing Strategy for your Ad Campaign through Web master tool & Google Analytic help.

SEO Training

Live Project

The Project training for mca BE students is oriented towards addressing the gap in the formal training Classes and requirement of IT industry. This education is primarily for those who have done degrees or courses (MCA , Btech) but are not getting opportunity for a job in industry or technical institutes.Our Tutor and trainer improve there skills and help them to place them in good job by placement assistance in IT Industry

Live Project with Web Hosting on Server

Software Development , Web Hosting & Designing , Android Applications

DZONE Company providing website projects in Asp .NET using C# and VB .NET or PHP tool with complex e-commerce custom runtime web solutions, offshore programming and outsourced web design services and implementation on Windows and Linux Platform. Our Developers used Microsoft Asp .NET which is the enhancement of Active Server Pages (ASP) due to rich library support by CLR and built-in assembly(metadata and manifest).Server side PHP script is used to developed small scale web Applications. DZONE's IT Team develop quality Dynamic Web Portal integrated with seo Services in all the various areas of Web Designing and Information Technology Solutions with ASP .NET, PHP language,Microsoft SqlServer, MySQL,Android using Java and Eclipse tool and other related IT server side technologies.

Software programmers deliver best Dektop and Internet application to IT Industry with timely delivery of the project by IT team. Project Cycle followed by latest technologies like Dotnet , PHP script with mysql using RIA and Seo technique online , offline and interactive Web Designing features.

Microsoft .NET benefits over other scripting language are that it runs in .NET framework based on CLR giving strength to dot net technology and security at runtime to .NET Applications. Platform Independent due to MSIL and JIT compilation,and Its CLS and Common type System(CTS) give multi language support like C# and VB.NET attract web developers for dynamic Solutions. web applications become much easy through .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) and multiple namespaces provided by new versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.Our Training Centre improve student's skills and IT knowledge by innovative method of learning through practical and online workshop on computer instead of classroom lectures. Our Heart touch Web Design & ready to host templates gives you comfort zone for selection.

Quality IT Services & outsourcing

Certification & Placement in PHP/Mysql, Asp.NET, Android.

One of our division also involve in Microsoft Asp .NET Training ,advanced PHP Training and Android Open Source and web promotion giving the exposure to youngsters in IT field.Training Program of DZONE Company is totaly based on practical aspect integrating Development Logics and advance technologies like ajax, SilverLight,Microsoft MVC .NET, Rss etc.

Asp .NET / PHP Classes are taken by our Professional Developers to give real development environment to our trainees or clients.Android Development with basic building blocks and API and advance features like bluetooth,location api and google map etc.

Some Key Features of our Specialized .NET,PHP Training Are

ASP.NET / PHP Live Project Traning By Technology Experts

Training in Assosiation with our portal DzoneHub.com

The Project training for mca BE candidates is oriented towards addressing the gap in the formal training and requirement of IT industry. This training is primarily for those who have done degrees or courses (MCA , BE) but are not getting opportunity for a job in industry.

Our Asp .NET / PHP Developer level training will empower you to bridge the gap between training and industry needs.We also try to improve programming logics to dive in the long journey of IT.

We also encourage our trainee's to work on rich Internet applications (RIA) web 2.0 and concepts belonging to asp dot net (where JIT cretae plateform independent code MSIL) and Core php (Hypertext Preprocesser) ,Silverlight, mvc .NET, RIA (Rich Internet Application) in web development environment. Our specialization in .NET web plateform means asp help learners to present them as a proficient .NET Developer in software platform.

Dzone help beginners to get MICROSOFT Certification like MCTS, MCP, MCPD.

So, If you are willing to learn practically from professional programmer, have basic understanding of subject and willing to live the comfort of a good training institute for a bright future, you have come to right place.


Search Engine Optimization-SEO Training & Business Promotion

DZONE gives the training of Search Engine Optimization by Professionals to make students experts in SEO. DZone Provide SEO marketing on Dynamic PHP interactive solutions through website design and web application content writing link submission directory submission and development that enable customers to grow business on low investment and easy finance. We use web as a business tool to promote business by website promotion and build your online communication .We also provide corporate training to your employees to work in a better way on Business solutions.Our PHP and Asp Dotnet Web Applications meets international Standards. Our valuable services give us a brand name in jaipur.Now through SEO course we teach our students/Trainees that how to get top exposure and visibility on the various search engines.After SEO Training you will be well on your way to building a successful career.

Cerfications ! What We Offer.

Major and Minor Projects for Computer Science and IT students B.tech,BCA,MCA,M.Tech,Msc and Final year students,six month and 45 days software industrial project training in IT Companies.

Business Solution for Corporate industries on Web Technology like Asp .NET , ADO .NET tools, PHP script, java and PHP Zend framework.Training on Android Platform,Business to Business Solutions and Services like SEO on multiple Search engine.

Training on Job Oriented technologies like J2ee,Adroid,IPhone,Mobile Web pages,Microsoft Certifications,Oracle Certifications.

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.Net Training Course with C#

Our Education Pattern meets to IT Companies Standard

Console Application Training involves with basics of C Sharp Language and object oriented concepts of Classes. Also .NET introduction with the source code compilation of MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) in the presence of Just In time Compiler (JIT) and CLR services in .NET Architecture. Here trainee understand the use of partial classes and Assembly description with metadata and manifest files. Explicit process of BOXING and UNBOXING in .NET data types are explained in training sessions. All OOPs concepts of how to create your own namespaces and delegates in C# .NET Language.

Our .NET education also merged with Web Designing Training , HTML and CSS using both DIV and tables. You also learn Photoshop and flash animation during Microsoft .NET course. Integration of JQUERY training helps to design more attractive presentation of your projects. We also give JavaScript training and AJAX training to increase the performance of web page. Essential Dynamic Web development topics of .NET Application like Sessions, Cookies, XML, Caching and .NET Web Services are teaches in detail at our DZONE training centre. How .NET framework use Common language Specification (CLS) and CTS both for C# , VB .NET Environment. Learn when to use web.config and global.asax in your .NET projects?

Training on ADO .NET with multitier Architecture using Data Access Layer (DAL) and Business Access layer (BAL) has been explained in detail and multiple ways. Complete Microsoft SQL Server training with Stored Procedures, functions and triggers using transact SQL in training classes at our Software Branch.

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