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Web Designing with CSS and HTML 5

What is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used to manage the formating of web pages means HTML documents.Through CSS we separate the formating elements from web documents It is used to transform look and feel of your website.You should know how to manage font,color,font-size,margins and padding between div,span and table containers.Learn how to well place positions of html containers in web documents with images. Designing creativty comes from active minds and imaginations which has to be implemented here in perfect pattern and format to decorate the web page.CSS 3 give multiple formatting feature to make page attractive.

How to create CSS

CSS can written in three ways.First You can create a separate page and embedd all stylesheet attributes in it and tha save it with .css extension like styles.css. Now this stylesheet page can be call on a web page through link tag and the path of css would be refer through href attribute.
Other way to add a css is through <style> tag in head section of web page.All formating detail we be written over here and than call in web page.
Third we can also embedd inline style in html tags.

Linking Style Sheets in Web Pages

To attach a CSS page with HTML document we use link tag like this.. <link href=style.css rel='stylesheet' type=text/css>

We can call a single CSS page on multiple HTML document.

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