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SEO Industrial Training

How to do SEO of my website?

Now in era of digital marketing everyone want to make presence in Search Engine First Page specially on Google. Due to low cost marketing and huge return business professional preferred this way of digital marketing. Learning SEO is not a big deal in current scenario of internet friendly environment where everyone is moving by taking the word in his pocket via smart phones. So get digitalized and spread in the word with the speed of JET.

Lets start with some basic steps of SEO on your web page.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO

To make popular your website and give top position on search engines you have build your seo friendly website so that all search engines spider can crawl and read your website contents, links that are listed on the first page of the site with top rank. So learn how to increase revenue and ROI to floats your boat in online marketing sea.SEO friendly site require optimize HTML and CSS work for Responsive design and goog presence on mobile devices.

Modern approach of doing SEO not limited to meta tag or keywords based or directory submission but using latest concepts and algorithm which can help your website to gain top page rank in google Search Engine.Training & development given by DZONE use multiple SEO technique to promote your business. We provide best link building service in Jaipur by following White Hat SEO and Webmaster Guidelines. Due to genuine work you don't have to worry about Google Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird updates.A quiz session are there to solve your doubts an questions after delivering each lesson on every topic of course.

Keyword Selection

First of all decide your keywords on which you want to get appear on search engines. These words are reflection of Search Engine result Page(SERP).So be careful when choosing these Keywords. These should be customer oriented means should be part of search string through which client search your business on Google.

Content Writing

Now write your Business detail on Web page .You must have some significant matter on your Blog or Web page that describe your work /services/products or business in better way. When writing your details use your keywords multiple times on your web page.

Keep some point in your mind at the time of content writing.

  • Keyword density should be 5-7% on page. Means if you have 100 words on your page then a keyword can be used 5 to 6 times on page with different phrases.

  • Avoid Duplicate content and copy paste strategy from other sites.

  • Fresh Content get more response.

  • Content presentation should be impressive so that user stop to read.


On Page HTML Improvements

Now give some Genuine information in short about your business to your customer through some more specific HTML Tags which are considered by search engines.This Helps you in On-Site SEO Optimization.

  • < Title > Tag

    This tag must be shown in section of your HTML Document. Here we give very short description of our page having length up to 60 characters. We should include our keywords in this section as this is very Important tag according to SEO guidelines.

    Each page must have different Title Information.

  • < meta name="keyword" > Tag

    <meta name=keywords content='Add keywords separated by comma (,)'>
    Meta Keyword tag is used to tell about your keywords which are separated by comma character.You can add multiple keywords and phrases over here.

    All Meta Tag must be placed in <head> Tag section.

  • < meta name="description" > Tag

    <name="description" content="Short description of business">
    In Meta Description We provide short description about our web page up to 2-3 lines. Meta description should be keyword rich you must use your main keywords in the description.

    Each page must have different meta description , avoid duplicate contents in Meta tags.

More traffic more revenue

Rules of Article Writing

As the website ranking rise it drive more visitor to your domain which rewards you more business and money. Your marketing managers and IT consultants must follow the ethics of digital marketing to become a market leader. They can also go for SEO certification exam to get confident about their skills and knowledge. Legitimate back links from proper sites are beneficial.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Marketing

When a site is optimized by following genuine SEO work its get higher page ranking in search engines because it provide the real and useful matter to customer that he/she want to know and keep manage its ranking for long time which convert in profitability in business. Write your Content for audience and targeted users not for Search Engine. To drive traffic and revenue your SEO management team should decide their business goals and target audience and do intensive work .Listing Potential Keywords from different tools our your analytical skills also play major part . There are multiple SEO tools through which you judge your SEO quality and page ranking. Page URL and permalinks should be optimize, Content Quality and Keyword density should be properly managed.

Social media marketing like Facebook marketing ,Twitter and Linkdin also help you to drive more traffic to your domain. So your SEO campaigns must incorporate the network user to spread the brand name in relative industry. Paid SEO can also be arrange by using Google AdWords and by optimizing PPC (Pay Per Click) for getting the full value of your money.

Improve your skills & knowledge about business promotion, email marketing, digital marketing and backlink generation strategy by media executives for Intense Advertising.

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