• Google restrict low quality websites through it's Google panda, penguin and hammingbird algorithms
  • Learn How Google penalized poor & low quality websites using Black Hat techniques.

SEO Updates Panda , Penguin and Hummingbird

Google Algorithms Updates to improve Search Results

To improve the quality of search engine results and to provide the good contents and relative websites Google apply some restricted algorithms when ranking the websites. Through these algorithms update Google try to remove all irrelevant web pages and low quality web contents sites and block the crawling of these blogs or websites.To get in fashion the genuine SEO practice and trends search engine apply these SEO updates and penalized those sites who are involved in such matter like duplicate pages,irrelevant links.

What is Google Panda

Google introduce Panda update in February 2011.The main purpose of these updates are to eliminating the low quality sites with duplicate contents over multiple blogs or keyword stuffing. Panda also track the originality of contents, Articles and blogs.

What is Google Penguin

Penguin updates was launched in April 2012.HereGoogle try lowering the ranking of those site who are following Back Hat SEO practice. Websites who avoiding the Webmaster Guidelines get penalized through this update. Sites with excessive link building and doorway pages, and irrelevant content get abolished.

Google Hummingbird Update

Google Hummingbird update is designed to get the proper meaning of user query and provide them meaningful results. It is named for the speed and accuracy of the tiny bird.Through this Hummingbird query Google try to decipher the context of the query instead of following the specific keywords.

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