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MS Excel Advance Training

Excel Training Institute

Learn VBA & Macros Programming in Excel

DZONE provide extensive training on Macros and VBA course to develop most analytical Application in MS Excel.Learn from basics and customize your approach to get best solution over large data through VBA code.Our Experienced & expert faculty taught you the easy way to dive in Excel world and make a brillent career in industry.

Training given by very experienced Developer to sort your all problems and doubts in class sessions.

100% JOB Assistance

After Course completion our placement service helps to arrange interviews and job for skilled candidates. Experience certificate also given to students based on their Performance.

Flexible Class Timing

For Corporates and working professionals there Morning-Evening Classes and Weekend Batches.

Interview & Resume Preparetion

We help student to prepare there resumes as per there qualification and try to arrange interviews for JOB.

Introduction to VBA

  • What is VBA
  • What are Macros
  • Types of Macros
  • What is Event Driven Programming


  • Project Window
  • Code Window
  • IDE Toolbar
  • Immediate Window
  • Property Window
  • Running the Macro
  • Initial Step to Macro

    • Recording Macros
    • Editing Macros
    • Running the Macro
    • Saving Workbook with Macro Functionability

    Basic Worksheet Operation in Macros

    • Using Workbook and Worksheet Object
    • Range Object
    • Cell Formatting Functions

    Fundamentals of VBA Language

    • Declaring a Variable
    • Data Types in VBA
    • Scope of variables
    • Local & Global Variables
    • Creating Comments
    • Procedures and Functions
    • Passing Arguments

    VBA Conditional Statements

    • Understanding If-Else block
    • Logical Operators : AND, OR ,XOR
    • Nested if
    • Select Case : Switch-Case
    • Some Examples

    Programming with Loops

    • Do-While
    • Do Loop
    • For Next Loop
    • For Each Loop
    • Do Until Loop
    • While Wend
    • Conditional Exit from Loop
    • Skipping loop
    • Integrating Loops and Conditions


    • Declaring Arrays
    • Traversing over Array
    • Two dimensional Array

    Macros Programming on Events

    • Workbook & Worksheet Events
    • Event on Button & Object
    • Activex Controls

    VB Programming Functions

    • VB Functions
    • String Function
    • Number Function
    • Date and Time
    • format
    • user’s Defined Functions
    • Creating New Formulas or Your own Functions

    Excel Worksheet Functions

    • Built-in Excel Function
    • Workbook & Spreadsheet Collections
    • Active and Select cell & Worksheet
    • Range , Cells, Offset and resize method
    • CurrentRegion , Columns and Rows Properties
    • Information Formulas
    • VBA Lookup Functions
    • Vlookup,HLookup,Match,Index
    • File & Directory Functions
    • VBA Data Aggregation Formulas like
    • Using the ISEMPTY , AREAS
    • Referencing ranges from other sheet
    • Data Transformation between arrays and ranges
    • Folder, File , Copy , Rename , Hide -unhide and Delete formulas
    • Implementing Various Financial Formulas
    • Report Creation
    • Creating report Format
    • Automation of report through VBA

    Chart & Graphs

    • Creating Chart
    • Button Programming on Chart

    Using Form Objects in Excel

    • Labels, TextBoxes, Radio, Combo,ListBox and Check Boxes
    • Error Handling
    • ON Error , GOTO and Resume methods
    • Msg Boxes
    • Getting INPUT
    • Displaying Images on Form
    • Dashboard Creation
    • Link form to each other

    Database Connectivity to Other Sources

    • MS Access Database Connectiion
    • SQL or Oracle
    • Notepad and Webdata
    • Connecting to MSWord
    • Connection with Outlook
    • E-Mail Automation with Outlook
    • E-Mail Automation with Gmail/Yahoo

    Prerequisite:- Knowledge of MS Excel is must for this course.      Course Duration: 1 month

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