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A Lecture on Android Basics Class

Android Contents

Upgrade your skill and knowledge on the basics of Android firmware by joining Android Institute in JAIPUR.Before start learning Android you should aware with Object Oriented concepts and Core JAVA programming. From a developer's perspective, the fundamental building blocks / components of Android are:

  1. Activities
  2. Services
  3. Broadcast Receivers
  4. Content Providers

The means of communication between the above mentioned components is through

  1. Intents
  2. Intent Filters

The User Interface elements are by using what are called:

  2. Notifications

Now, having broadly classified the basics, I would like to give a simple definition for each of them, before we can appreciate the need for each of them.

Activity is the basic building block of every visible android application. It provides the means to render a UI. Every screen in an application is an activity by itself. Though they work together to present an application sequence, each activity is an independent entity.

Service is another building block of android applications which does not provide a UI. It is a program that can run in the background for an indefinite period.Android Services are running in seperate runnable threads.

Broadcast Receiver is yet another type of component that can receive and respond to any broadcast announcements.

Content Providers are a separate league of components that expose a specific set of data to applications.

While the understanding and knowledge of these four components is good enough to start development, the knowledge of the means of communication between the components is also essential. The platform designers have introduced a new concept of communication through intents and intent filters.Through intents we can transmit the data in bundle classes between multiple components.Android Intents can be called explicitly or implicitly as they have been registerd in Android manifest configuration files.

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